Description Our LED sign is available in combination of 13 colors and 3 different sizes, manifesting perfection for your special someone.


Features Engraved by latest 3D technology Provide metal chain to hang anywhere you like 13 Dual colors to suit your taste 3 sizes available to fit your place Universal voltage to use anywhere Energy efficient & safe to touch



13 Pairs of color to choose:

White+Yellow White+Red White+Purple White+Green White+Orange White+Blue Red+Yellow Red+Blue Green+Yellow Green+Red Green+Blue Blue+Yellow Blue+Red


Horizontal Rectangle: 12″W x 8″H (30cm x 20cm) or 16″W x 12″H (40cm x 30cm)or 24″W x 16″H (60cm x 40cm)

Vertical Rectangle: 8″W x 12″H (20cm x 30cm) or 12″W x 16″H (30cm x 40cm)or 16″W x 24″H (40cm x 60cm)


3W – 5W

Power source:

Corded Electric with On/Off Switch on wire

Cord Length:

5 feet (1.6m)

Light Source:

LED lights

Life Span:

100,000 hours


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